Our reference level ELITE.65CS speakers are the birthplace of all the features and technologies found in our other speaker lines. Our ELITE’s feature a 25mm pure silk ring radiator tweeter residing in an anodized-aluminium casing. Like the Ti2-series, this housing has been precision CNC’d from a single block of raw aluminium, and features some of the easiest mounting options found on the market.
Again extensive FEA analysis was used to model and optimize the motor structures of both the ELITE midrange drivers and tweeters. The overall result is ultra-smooth, linear musicality with excellent spectral clarity, while avoiding the overly bright and fatiguing high frequencies commonly found in most car audio component systems.

Our ELITE 6.5” midrange also features a dual roll surround that eliminates unwanted resonances and acoustical artefacts by damping mechanical vibrations through greater lateral control of the speaker cone while not sacrificing overall excursion and dynamic output. Our ELITE speaker system strives to provide breathtaking dynamic range and jaw dropping musical realism for true audiophiles.

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