The Ti-series features both components and the unbelievable point source speakers. The entire line-up features 20mm pure silk dome tweeters for smooth, effortless high frequency reproduction. In our components, the tweeter resides in an anodized aluminium housing that was delicately CNC’d from a single block of raw aluminium. Both our tweeter and midrange drivers have been specifically engineered using complex FEA analysis to perfectly optimize the properties of their motor structures. The passive crossovers featured in both the component and point source speakers have been computer modelled, then extensively subjected to ‘real world’ evaluation, ensuring the most seamless transition possible between the midrange driver to the tweeter.

Ti2 Point Source speakers were engineered with the specific goal of improving the sound quality far above that found in any traditional coaxial speaker. The physical topology of these speakers serves to eliminate the problem of different frequencies arriving at the listener at different times. In traditional coaxials the tweeter is physically closer to the listener than the woofer. Even though this distance is quite small, the wavelength of these higher frequencies is equally small, resulting in audible distortion in the top end of the female vocals. Our Point Source speakers eliminate this issue by physically placing the midrange driver and the tweeter in the exact same location, resulting in a single radiating ‘focal’ point of sound. The result is a smoother, more linear response, and ultimately more believable sound with no frequency coloration or confusion.

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