The ELITE.2-series are our Reference level subwoofers. This is the series where we turned our engineers loose and allowed them to design and build a no-holds barred musical monster. The ELITE.2 subwoofers have been re-engineered with Japanese-built high-temp 3” voice coils for hugely increased power handling and reliability. The large voice coil is then matched to a massive triple-stacked 230oz motor complete with radial venting, to provide huge motor force while keeping its cool.

The ELITE.2 carries across the legacy of our legendary tri-LED’s mounted in the dust cap, and they are now fully customizable with easy to remove stainless steel bolts. Aside from the cosmetic upgrades, our new dual spider system keeps the ultra-long voice coil centred to ensure true linearity throughout the massive excursion of the speaker cone. With an whopping 3,500w RMS of power handling these subs are sure to sound amazing, and be heard by your neighbour, even though he moved across town last summer!

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