Our Ti3-series subwoofers continue to build on the long heritage of technologies featured in all of our ‘Titanium’ subwoofers over the years. The ultimate goal of attaining the perfect fusion of advanced acoustic design and state of the art technology has always been the driving force behind Phoenix Gold’s designs.

The Ti3 series subwoofers have been engineered with extreme precision around high-temp 2.5” voice coils from Japan, chosen specifically for their increased power handling and reliability. A large double-stacked motor with radial venting also provides 30% better heat dissipation over previous models. We have even relocated the speaker terminals to one side of the cast basket for easier installation and better cosmetics. These subwoofers are truly designed to be equally at home in both sealed or vented enclosures, and have been engineered, then tweaked in the real world to provide not only gut wrenching lows, but fast, punchy attacks that will leave your chest aching and your lungs breathless!

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